House 418

House 418 is the working publishing company name under which the English Qabbala is intended to be published. I do not mean that this is the only method by which men and women have studied Qabbala in connection with the English language. By the English Qabbala is meant the Qabbala refered to in the Book of the Law. I am not referring to the Torah which Moses happened to receive, but to the Book received in 1904 c.e. by Aleister Crowley. I do not mean that this is an agreed upon explanation or interpretation of the passages of that book. I do, however, mean that it is the one exposition of these passages that the author most intended to be published and referred to as the English Qabbala expouding the not-to-be-organised religion called Thelema.

At present, the Book is still undergoing major revision since its initial copyright registration in 2003 c.e. Most links to the material have been removed. Certain parts have been restored which you may read by following the link (click on the cover picture).

I offer then these images of the covers. This is including a second book, a derivation of the autohagiography of the Prophet.

Book 718 is the main title of the English Qabbala. The Spirit of Solitude is the title of the Prophet's work.

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